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September 14, 2010

Just when you knew all the answers - Why Google won't dominate the future

2 - 3 years ago it was obvious. Google was a sprawling powerful empire whose tentacles could reach into everything we ever did. They were going to dominate the worlds progress and dictate terms...

Well, they are still the gorilla in the room, but the future isn't what it used to be.

As Apple continues to innovate, the world is held captive by the "coolness" of the iPhone. The worlds leading game console with more games than any other vendor in the space. The words leading pocket computer with an estimated 250,000 apps available, which have been downloaded over 6 billion times.

Wow... Apps from medical instrumentation, to engineering to science to games and time-wasters. An then there is the seamless integration between iPods, iPhones, Mac's, AppleTV and so on... the world got really cool and exciting all of a sudden.

So we are now all living, more than ever before, on mobile apps. And something strange happens on Mobile apps. We don't use search as much.....

We use apps. We search for apps, maybe search on maps. But we don't spend our lives attached to a search engine as we seem to do on laptops and desktop devices.

Amazing isn't it. You think you know where things are going and how they will pan out, and suddenly the future is vastly different than you could have ever imagined. Innovation is wonderful.