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September 11, 2010

Why are HR people so arrogant?

I have a particular dislike for labor hire companies, recruitment firms and those working in HR in large organizations. (No CEO of a major corporation. to my knowledge comes from a HR background. There's a reason for that...)

After working for ages on an application, nothing used to annoy me more than receiving a "Dear John"letter from an anonymous person, with no possible return address and no way of gaining further feedback.

Particularly when you know that the role is in your area, and covers skill sets that you have a very strong background in. You would think that something like that deserves a bit of an explanation right? At least the common decency of helping you to improve in areas where you may have weak spots.

As the talent war rages on companies with these attitudes and arrogant ways of dealing with people will be targeted by companies that sincerely care about their employees, and show that sincerity in every interaction.

(At least have no doubt that I will be going after their employees)

I had 30 high level applicants for a role I recently ran.

We worked through the candidates, spoke to some and selected the guy that was to go forward. (No women applied this time around)

Then today I spent two hours drafting personal emails to every one of the people who had applied telling them why I couldn't consider their application, why it fell short, and realistic expectations of working with us in the future. (instead of the bland feel free to apply statements)

Have had two replies already, and both of them seemed to sincerely appreciate the feedback.

They aren't just email addresses, they are people. They aren't just candidates they are a ball of dreams, aspirations and goals, and they are worthy of your (our) respect. Even if they didn't win the chance to earn you money over the next few years.