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November 1, 2010

Apple saved my business

Part of the ultimate business model I have planned includes online software. The sort that doesn't yet exist and is very much needed in my industry. (As well as a few ideas for other industries)

But to kick that off you need funding, and to get funding you need... time. Something I don't have a lot of right now. 

So as a keen bootstrapper I have been looking at low cost (or free is better) ways to get this site built. 

My funding strategy has continued with both VC's and client companies being approached for funding. But in the meantime I need to start working on some of this stuff myself... unfortunately my programming skills became outdated in around 1992. (Apparently things have moved on since then... who knew?)

Then I stumbled across iTunes U, and immediately kicked myself for not being more curious during the past few months of using iTunes. 

To date I have powered through the programming methodology downloads from (wait for it) Stanford U!! Wow... Pushing into probabilistic modelling and web programming also right now.

Since starting this I have already started my web program project. I am still hunting for funding because the vast majority of companies fail due to a lack of adequate funding, but at least now I will soon have some form of prototype to show them what I am talking about. 

Exciting times...