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April 4, 2010

Where to start...?

It has been ages since I posted. Life has been busy, and so has work. Not much time right now.

I am testing the new template designer in Blogger, and I really like it. I knew staying with Google products would win out in the end. I no longer care about semantical differences between Blogger and others... for me this remains the easiest, quickest and most personal way for me to write a blog.

After the most grueling of political passages Obamacare has finally become the law of the land in the USA. The entire world watched on as those who were most likely to gain from these changes were goaded into near revolutionary actions by the conservative puppeteers. An amazing victory by THE populist politician of our age.

The iPad just became a reality apparently. I really want one of those. I will even overlook my long awaited ownership of a Kindle in favor of my new iPad. I haven't ordered yet, and I am not really sure why - but I really do want one of these.

Stern Hu was jailed after a closed door court session in China. Stern Hu was an Australian (ex-Chinese) national working for one of the big miners and negotiating with the Chinese. He was accused of taking bribes, held for months, and then tried partly in secret.

Shame on Australia for saying nothing, and shame on the company involved who sacked them as soon as they were found guilty, regardless of how flawed the system / process was.

The GFC seems to be getting better. I have to say that most of it was more about a state of mind than a state of existence. I have never been busier...

And lastly of course, remember my advice on the blogger template designer....

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