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February 3, 2010

The one that didn't get away...

The Dip is a concept you see every corner you turn.

We recently signed a number of large scale contracts with significant organizations. Not an easy thing to do. In fact - it took over a year to sort out.

A year of trials, reference checks, small starts, false starts, meeting up and down the food chain, and tests of how well we reacted to specific situations.

It is so similar, in so many companies, that you start to realize that this isn't an accident. It's The Dip.

The road in is filled with enough twists and turns that would discourage smaller and less focused businesses. You need to have had the resources, persistence and patience to get over the line. And the ones that get over the line, enough times, win.

The Dip teaches you to be better, faster and more persistent. It teaches you how to run a better business. Is their really no chance of you finally sealing that long term contract with your dream client - or is it just a dip?

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