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January 18, 2010

Google, China and The Doubt Virus

Trust is hard to earn, when you have it people will endure minor mistakes and even the odd disaster. It is also hard to lose, but once lost the results are rapid and dramatic.

Like a glass jar trust can sustain several hairline fractures and still hold together, performing as it always has. But one large impact, or one hairline fracture too many and no force on earth is going to keep it all together.

It was the same with IndyMac, Washington Mutual and Lehman Brothers....

Endless censorship, a loaded media and finally the breach of their security with "attacks" on their account holders. Google is a company that exists purely on trust. Trust that they can deliver the leading edge, most integrated, securest platform for the modern Internet. And if they cannot, they have no business.

The Chinese government doesn't trust its people and cannot survive in a society where people have full access and full choice to decide their own future. Their glass is already broken...

For us, the challenge is to stop the hairline fractures from even starting. To make sure that at every turn our clients are rewarded for having placed their trust in us. Excellent work, results that are expected or better than expected and timelines that are beaten continually.

The more you tune into trust the more you see it ebbing and flowing through all the worlds great companies, societies and institutions.

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