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January 19, 2010

A short "resume how to" for consultants

CV's are trouble. There is nothing new in that. I have reviewed more of then than I care to remember and in fact, I don't remember most of them.

I don't submit CV's first. First, I am either approached or I approach someone. Then, and only then, do I submit my CV. If you are out there submitting your CV along with all the other CV's submitted on (say) Then you are just another anonymous name in the pile.

But... until you have the brand, the network, and the result stacked track record - then this is what you have got. So it had better be memorable!

Have a first page. A summary page. Write the text down the center, and your achievements and quals down the left hand side.

But remember.. this is not a blow by blow account of who you are and what you have done. No way, that would bore anybody to tears.

It is a statement of the value you add. make it specific to the role you are applying for and include career objectives, which should also match what you are applying for.

Write in the first person. We all know you don't have a biographer! (Yet?)

Page 2 is a collection of relevant one lineers on work history, projects, initiatives and whatever else will stand out for these guys.

Page 3 onwards is your work history. Its okay to be missing years, and make sure you keep each one to about a paragraph of relevant stuff. Again, not what you did - but the value you added!

Last page is a must do, and it ties into all the stuff I have been writing about trust for ages. DO NOT put "additional referees are available on request". No one has the time, and no one will request anything.

Put testimonials there from LinkedIn. Not the whole thing, just the important lines. refer them to LinkedIn with something like: "Further references can be seen/ contacted via my LinkedIn profile 

There are two ways to make a sale. They come to you or you go to them. Until your brand is strong enough to draw them to you. You need to make sure that when you go to them - it matters!

Call first, then submit a CV that will make you stand out as the obvious choice.

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