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June 24, 2009

Fortunately we aren't cats !!

The bankers, traders and economists who were in part responsible for the economic crisis were as motivated, intelligent and hard working as you are.

Lets think for a minute that most of these people were actually honest types, and most of them were, as you are, competent.

How then could this happen?

The answer comes from Warren Buffet and what he calls "Mindless imitation of your peers." Something that is worth thinking about.

Hard work, motivation intelligence and ambition are not the things that drive success.They are merely the price of entry. We are all hard working, motivated, ambitious and intelligent.

For me, the thing that separates the truly successful from the also-ran's is curiosity.

The ability of Marc Benioff to ask (so the story goes) "What if all business software was delivered like"

Or the ability of Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder) to ask "How can I minimize the regret of missing the dot com boom?"

Or Larry Page to ask "How can we better organize the information scattered all over the internet?"

Why can't we run your business on a subscription based service? Why can't you cut costs by pushing stuff into the cloud? What would happen if you turned your small niche software package into a combined web based platform and service?

Curiosity is what makes people take the obvious (build something worth talking about) and turn it into the phenomena that Seth Godin launched with Purple Cow.

Curiosity killed the cat, fortunately we aren't cats!!

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