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June 23, 2009

Maximizing the value of your LinkedIn login

I have commented many times on Twitter that LinkedIn is probably the greatest trust based asset in the world today.

Your LinkedIn login gives you the ability to collect recommendations from industry leaders that others will see as a trusted source, the ability to hide your connections and the restrictions and control over connecting and establishing contact places it a world apart from other social tools.

Here are some of the posts I have written recently about the LinkedIn login, how to use it, and how it can add significant value to your bottom line.

And of course, some cautionary tales...
  • Please don't accept all invites! A cautionary tale about why LinkedIn is not Facebook, and why the "Accept all invites" statements does far more harm than good. 
And if all that isn't enough for you to start using your LinkedIn login to start generating real revenues and very real cash incomes, then maybe this post of 13 reasons for LinkedIn may help to inspire you to think how you can turn your profile into a powerful resource for job hunting or client hunting.

Good luck...

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