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June 24, 2009

It is sometimes better left unsaid

Authenticity is like power. If you have to tell somebody you have it - then you don't.

Never trust anybody who says trust me = Never trust a company who has to put honesty as one of their values. (It is just a condition of entry, not something they have to strive for)

If you are the "leading (whatever)" then you don't need to lay claim to it. People know. Ever seen a Google ad telling you they were the leading search engine? (Okay, so there are no Google ads - but you get the point)

"We're excited to be..." - I (the consumer / prospect) don't really care about you, I care about me. Good luck with your excitement.

Unsurpassed - Sure... prove it.

We care - Great, we don't. We just want this problem fixed, this need met, this want delivered. YOur caring is great for Oprah, not so great for me. (The prospect) What I am interested in however, is the number of people willing to line up to praise your track record of achievement.

If you want your news release to create marketing blindness, then just use the terms above. Oh yeah, you can also include some timeless classics like "Win-Win", "Paradigm", "Synergy", and the ever present (but dangerous) "Value added". (So it had no value before huh?)

But if you want to write news releases that get read then give it an emotion inducing title. Questions or research outcomes are always good. Write a great story, telling of a great case of overcoming adversity, ("The Heroes Journey" courtesy of Dan Pink) and with something they can take away of value, as well as something they may have to do to find out more.

Or, you could just go back to being excited about the synergies offered for win-win agreements by your new unsurpassed service solution which is paradigm shifting. A great value added offering.

(See...garbage isn't it?)

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