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December 25, 2008

Monetizing the Blog

I really enjoy writing this blog, and I really enjoy writing. As I have said here many times in the past, I want to try to do this full time.

So, after a lot of thought and discussion with my wife (who is the blogs silent author by the way) I have decided to try to monetize Consulting Pulse. This took a lot of thought, but we have always said that if you want to be authentic, then you should do what you love.

And I love writing this blog! So that settles it.

In the interest of full disclosure these are the ways that we intend to try to monetize the blog. And in the interest of our communal knowledge, I will report back to you how it is going.


Discreet Google ads at certain points on the blog. I don't ever want this to be just a page of ads, so they will be few and far between. If they interest you I hope you will check them out, if not then thats okay.

Display Ads

We are currently looking for a platform to put display advertising on our blog. I will let you know what we find. The idea, generally, is to allow companies who have products that might interest our readers. The pricing will be fair, and the locations will be at the top of the columns on the right.

Sponsored Reviews

We have enlisted in the sponsored reviews program. We will never accept a review for a product that we ourselves would not consider! And all reviews will be objective and open. It would be a waste of time for us to run negative reviews, so we won't be doing that.

This also seemed like a good way for us to get to know about new products and services in the marketplace. 

Job Ads

We have a very targeted audience. Consultants, marketers, sales for professional services and software, and technology companies. If you are looking for specialists in these fields then we hope to be able to accommodate you for a fair price that is less than you would find on the mega-boards.

We are still looking at platforms now, but we hope to have one soon that will be international. We also want to be able to offer a good package to our regular readers so they can get a boost in their recruitment objectives.


I love reading. And since getting into audio books I "read" 3 - 4 books a week. So We have launched our own consultants bookstore, and we will be running regular reviews of books that I have recently read. Let me know if there are any that you would recommend!

If you are considering buying a book on consulting or consulting related themes, then I hope you will consider our bookstore .

Full Disclosure

I love this blog, and I really love writing for our growing community. Any activities to monetize this effort will add to the value we deliver, it will not take away from it in any way.

If it does, then let me know.