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December 25, 2008

A billionaires advice for consultants

The basis of all my consulting approach comes from my dedication to investing. The things that make a company great, in my view, are identical to what makes a client successful.

If you are able to deliver that, then they win - you win - and revenues are far healthier.

It was my interest in investing which finally led me to read The Warren Buffet Way, by Robert Hagstrom . It was a refreshing return to the roots of my thinking about business and consulting success.

We get so caught up in books about techniques and trends in marketing that we often tend to forget what our role in the business world actually is. If you look under the surface of this book it is made very clear.

Our role, and that of the managers of our client companies, is to improve the inherent value of a company over time. More than anything else this means helping them to decide where best to allocate capital.

A fascinating book, one that has rekindled my desire for stock market investing, and one that helped me to go back to basics in my approach to consulting and to my clients around the world. Buffet's approach to business is simple, straight forward and incredibly practical.

And let's not forget that he has a pretty good track record in choosing and nurturing good companies...

If you are looking for ways to invest your profits then this book provides you with some great guidelines. If you are looking for ways to help advice companies as a trusted advisor, then under the surface of this book I found many very good themes.

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