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October 18, 2008

Marketing by walk about

We all know that traditional interruption advertising is more about ego than effectiveness these days. So in these down days what can you do to increase revenues by year end? 

If you already have a global brand and are a multi million dollar author, then people will search for you. They will take their time to find your web, your articles, your interviews and everything else about you that helps them in their present situation. You might want to do a few things to make sure it is a flood of enquiries, but you may not need to.

If you aren't then you could take the Seth Godin long road. You could work the social networking scenes, spend a lifetime glued to your PC, and after a while I am sure that you will create a snowball of momentum. 

I have neither right now. 

So if I want to make money quickly. Say, during the next 4 - 12 weeks. Then I hit the phones.  Cold calling definitely does work for consultants. But it is not for sales, it is to start a relationship. A commercial relationship that will deliver you revenues over time. 

Call them, set up an appointment, visit them, leave something of value for them to ponder, visit them again, call them again, go to conferences, meet people, speak at trade events, set up public courses and seminars. 

I don't care how far technology has come. The most effective marketing for short term earnings, when you aren't one of your games name brands (yet) is marketing by walk about. Guarantee it.