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October 18, 2008

How much per day for Marlon Brando?

Christian Bale is one of my favorite actors. I recently heard that he had signed to do three sequels to the franchise The Terminator in a role as John Connor. (After Doomsday)

I am not a huge terminator fan, but I will go to see these just to caqtch some of the hard edge I have come to expect from Bales acting. 

Similarly I will spend money to see a movie with Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon or Morgan Freeman.

I wonder how much these guys charge by the hour? (Or is it by the day?)

Stupid question. 

They of course don't charge by the hour. The charge a set fee with terms attached, and a large fee at that. 

And why can they do that? Because their value is obvious. They will help the movie to make money. Even if it's a stinker!

It doesn't matter if they work for two weeks or two years. The cost to the studio (minus expenses) is exactly the same. Everyone is focused on the end product, not on the process of making the thing. 

You deliver value right? In fact, I bet that often you can accurately measure the value you have provided, it probably extends into the hundreds of thousands if not the millions.

And if you delivered it quickly you probably received only a very small fraction of the results that you created. 


Why are you undervaluing your services and selling them based on activity instead of on results?

Why are you undermining everyone else in the consulting game by not being able to deliver rapid results without significantly reducing your revenues?

Why are you limiting your income to the number of hours you can work in any given day?

If you have some of the answers to these, then you probably know the answer to the last question. Why are you not a wealthy consultant?

Time based fees end up in sites like, or You become a commodity and your only real competitive edge is to be the low cost provider. 

And god help you if you win it!