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October 19, 2008

Tribes, Leadership and the most phenomenal marketing spin I have ever seen

I am totally blown away by the buzz that Seth Godin has managed to create around his new book Tribes.

Even before it was published I was reading little bits about it all over the place. When it finally came out, a week ago, the entire blogoshere lit up with comments and praise for it. Twitter has been buzzing with it now for days.

I downloaded it from yesterday, the first day it was available, and I have already listened to it. And it's brilliant of course. But let me listen to it another couple of times before I review it here.

His past work was pretty good. In fact, it was unique and inspiring. Even if the themes were somewhat obvious. His turn on them was always refreshing and always made me think of how I could apply what he was talking about. 

Here we see a marketer at the height of his powers. After a decade or so learning and perfecting his unique take on the trade, this book is his marketing masterpiece so far. And I'm not talking about the book itself (which IS good) I'm talking about the throngs of people willing to talk about it even before it was published. 

Lots to learn still... ah well.