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September 17, 2008

How NOT to sell services to modern consumers

I hate bait and switch techniques. In all their guises and forms.

It screams "I CANNOT BE TRUSTED" to your clients and potential clients.

1.Don't offer me complimentary research followed by a ton of emails offering me premium content. I can find something similar on the net today and if I wanted to buy your information I would have. (RainToday.. take a leaf out of the model used by Aberdeen Group!)

We have no relationship, I have very little idea of the value you offer, and I really don't like the tantalizing "This is what you could have had..." type of headlines.

2. Don't backtrack once the contract is signed. If the client had a reasonable expectation of getting something before she signed, don't back away now that they are on your reference list.

3. Don't sell team A and deliver Team B. Nothing worse, you give us all a bad name.

4. Don't promise the world and give them a hill.

Ranting helps I find...

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