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September 18, 2008

Do you want to write a book?

I am fascinated by the idea of tribes, communities and what we can do as a team.

In fact, this is the essence of management consulting projects these days. Everywhere I go I get together with a group of (generally) seasoned professionals, some of whom I know - some of whom I don't know, and we proceed to change the way an organization does business.

So, using the group, I wanted to take this a step further.

Allan Margate (Leadvine) recently sent me an email referencing a site called The site has recently received 5 million in funding from VC's for it's brilliant business model.

It facilitates communities to write and publish books together! This immediately struck me as an extension of what we already do in terms of working together with people of complimentary skills to achieve a common goal rapidly... And there is a lot of us.

So I have created an account there,, and I am keen to work on this within the group over the next (say) 3 - 5 months.

To be quite frank I haven't really thought this one through yet. It seems like a good idea, and if we (the community) are able to work together to write this thing, then I (me) will be happy to spring for artwork and any publishing costs. I'll also take the lead on distribution and marketing.

I was trying to come up with a good idea that all of us could participate in equally.

Not IT, small group.

Not sales or marketing - thats not for everyone.

So I thought the best idea would be Execution. We all deliver, whether it is on sales targets, project completion, IT configurations or strategy documentation. We all deliver.. so Execution seemed like the right way to go about it.

I haven't quite worked this out yet, but every participant will (of course) be creditted - I just have to work out how to do that.

What do you think?

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