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September 20, 2008

Get additional hooks for site visitors

Do you run something like Google Analytics on your site? Did you notice something called the "bounce rate"?

This means the number of people that hit your site then almost immediately bounce off again.

Attention is a very scarce commodity. People arrive on your site and almost immediately make a decision whether they want to stay around or not. So how can you drive down your bounce rate?

Lots of answers, but I just stumbled upon a couple of really good ones...

The first is a site called authorStream. A site that is free (love that) and will enable you to transform power point slides into really high quality flash presentations that you can upload to your site, embed, upload to YouTube and pretty much anything else you could want to do with your slideshow.

This really caught my imagination and I have been looking for something like this for a while now. The slide show below gives you an idea of what you can do, although I'm sure it wouldn't take much to do a lot better job than this. So don't get caught up on the content, its the possibilities that matter.

Uploaded on authorSTREAM by shiloh325

I haven't really worked it out yet, but since discovering this one I am trying to build a few killer presentations for this site; in particular a flash version of "Redefining Consulting Success", and one on "Successful Project Execution".

Imagine what you could do with this? The trick, as always, is that it's easy. So a client can come to your site, run a few short videos on what it is that you do, or your success stories, or even your clients recording short presentations on what you helped them to do.

Brilliant concept!

Another site that is a surf-stopper is This guy builds motion charts based on a range of data related to all sorts of subjects. His charts are really eye catching and dynamic.

Unfortunately I couldn't work out how to use his site to do one of my own, but as per usual Google came to my rescue.

@ Google Docs they give you the ability to add gadgets to your spreadsheets. Things like these motion charts, time related slide charts, and a whole heap of others.

This is the google gadget that I published earlier from Greg Daines on IP Productivity.

Good luck!

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