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August 21, 2008

References Available on request

Do not write this on your CV. It is annoying and counterproductive.

Most people will not even reach the last page of your CV. In fact most recruiters will make a decision about whether to read the thing or not within about 2 seconds on the front page.

Instead of "References Available on request" try "References available on LinkedIn".

Or even further, paste portions of your references from LinkedIn into your CV itself under a testimonials page. References, parts of letters that have been written for you, recommendations during engagements, comments on course evaluations are all part of your personal brand capital.

As another point, generate a name URL at LinkedIn and write this in the first line or two fo your CV.

Name: Daryl Mather (

- Or -

Name: Daryl Mather

Business isn't about interruptions any more, its about interactions. And the easier you make it for people to interact with you - the greater the benefits will be.

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