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August 21, 2008

The science of... Webinars!

As you could imagine I get to do a large number of webinars. I use a lot these days as it's free and

I run regular webinars for my clients and members of my mentoring program from Canada to Europe to Australia and through to parts of the Middle East.

Here are some tips that have made them easier and mroe effective for me, feel free to add some if you have other advice.

Stand Up - Don't hunch over your PC, your voice will lack authority and you will lose the rythmn you get when you can flail your arms around and gestate wildly.

Always do a dry run - Just because they can't see you doesn't mean you shouldn't give it your all. Timing, voice intonation and volume, stories, interactivity with the presentation, reveals and application navigation. Whatever you are doing make sure that you are well prepared for it. The absence of an audience looking you in the eye sometimes can put people off.

Take questions on the run - I am a big opponent of "please leave your questions until the end" and webinars are no different. Get people to send you a note, or chat among themselves online, or use the hand raising things, whatever. Each application is filled with great features for immediate feedback.

Get an after the event survey - As with training courses elicit feedback via an after the event survey. Offer prizes or incentives to capture peoples true sentimants. You can always get better...

And most importantly - Have fantastic content.  Eye catching graphics, humorous clips or photos, multimedia clips, whatever you can do. Use your voice and the media to its most powerful effect or you are going to end up as a voice in the background while they check their email and surf the net.

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