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September 10, 2010

The allure of software

Four months into my new start up and I am resigning myself to the essential nature of software.

I know Alan Weiss says you can do this differently, but I am not Alan Weiss. My markets are a little more tense and competitive than his are, I am not going to be happy with $2 million a year, and I ultimately want to sell this company for a profit I can invest in additional companies.

Software to me has come to represent a few things.

a) if the business model is built right then it should mean less time for me on the road. This is a biggie right now as my kids are racing towards 10 years old far too quickly. (And I am missing it)

b) The ability to lock others out of the deal.

c) The ability to compete with others on large scale deals. Right now I often find myself on the outer because I do not have software.

So I am reviewing a few products to represent, working on a few small systems of my own, and also on the design of my online system I have been planning for a few years now.

Build / Buy or Represent?

This is the quandary. And I am not sure there is one answer for all issues or questions.

On one hand I do need to build some software for some areas I am working on.

But in general, I am going to represent others where I am able to . This is the benefit of working in Australia when most software developers in my space come from the USA.

I have lined up one potential ally in the states for an online system which I think will shake the foundations of the market here. I intend to offer no commissions on sales, but I get all the training and after sales service. This should go well within the borders of my country.

There are also two other discussions that are ongoing. The goal for all of this is to gain access to good, solid and well supported systems that I can use to provide services with.

I think this is going to be a pretty exciting period actually. One that I am going to really enjoy.