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January 25, 2010

Yelp!, UrbanSpoon and Google Maps. Your business is now on the map - like it or not!

This week I have posted reviews on Google maps about real estate firms in the city where I live. Most bad or leaning towards bad, but one or two were worth a bit of flattery. 

One stood out so much I felt almost obliged to post a review to try to help others going through what we went through. I did so again today about a furniture outlet that really blew me away. 

I have posted in the past on a number of items from consultancies I have worked with through to hotels and restaurants that I have been unusually happy with.

Features like this, combined with mass use, are changing the entire shopping experience for me. 

We now spin through the urban spoon restaurant guide almost every ime we want to go out. We check the reviews there, or on Google maps before even picking up the phone, and we look for tell tale signs of a bad night out. 

You couldn't get a better trust based asset. Something that shows you can be trusted by those that others trust. 

More and more I am getting into the habit of recording the days events in a quick five minutes reviewing hotels, cafes, real estate fact - any business I come in contact with. And I'm not alone...

Invariably there are already other reviews on Google maps....

This is how serious it's getting, whether you like it or not. One bad customer experience, one disgruntled or turned away client and...BANG! Remembered forever...

The way around this? Obviously the first is to make sure there are no, or exceptionally few, bad customer experiences. But that isn't enough to get people writing about you.

You also have to make sure that you are (as Godin would put it) remarkable. (Worth remarking upon)

When I write positively about a business it isn't just because I got great service. That's just the rules of the game. If you don't give great service you can't play.

No, it was because of something else. Something extra or special that I got from my interaction with that business. My pizza idea could be one of those maybe... (I really liked that idea)

But this isn't the only way of course. SOm ewill some won't, and some need to be prompted. So ask! In your email newsletter, on your blog, in person, or even in a personal email if they don't know how to do it.

There are many strategies you could use. But whatever you do, don't ignore this phenomena..whatever you do.

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