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January 25, 2010

The truly successful have a lot in common...

Criticizing and opposing just for the applause is easy to do. Throwing barbs is not difficult and if you have a sharp tongue and a quick wit you can even turn that into a modicum of success.

The stance of devils advocate can so often be a cowards castle to undermine brave people, deride their efforts, and make yourself look good in the process.

The underlying message is usually "if it's not my way it's the wrong way". Sure these people tend to attract the sycophantic fringes, but they fall short of real success.

The best bloggers I read - are teachers. People who are supporting not dismissive, correcting not castigating and they are people who treat others with dignity - even though their own success means they have limited time to dedicate to one on one interactions.

Check out John Jantsch, Seth Godin, Chris Brogan or Michael McLaughlin. All of these people blow their own horn gently if ever, they let actions speak for them, and they are all about transferring knowledge... great stuff.

All of these guys blog, of course, and all of them have transcended what most bloggers ever achieve. Their readers number in the tens of thousands, and their opinions are rarely just bully boy stuff for the peanut gallery.

If you want to gather a bully's gang, then throw barbs. Take on all comers and make sure to always strike out against people who don't fit your worldview or whatever others are having success at.

But those who have achieved outstanding success in our fields, have done some through teaching, leading and the transfer of knowledge.

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