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January 26, 2010

This week on the web

I thought I would add a Tuesday morning post every week on some of the more interesting and intriguing stuff I have seen on the web lately. Let me know if these are of use or interest and I will keep doing so every week.

Software company completes fundraising using only LinkedIn - The big story that has everyone popping right now. The web is finally starting to come to grips with what B2B marketers and sales have known for 12 months. LinkedIn is THE place for B2B networking and marketing.

More fun than competition - An interesting and true perspective from Chris Brogan about success and competition in the wild word of Social Media. (Or any arena actually) -
Okay, so I am generally the last one to know anything about social media and new fangled applications out there. Xobni (Inbox spelt backwards) is an absolutely brilliant tool that allows you to easily search your MSOutlook, as well as including all your LinkedIn contacts. Very cool. Not enough to make me swear off Gmail, but still cool.

25 High quality new fonts - I am a big fan of design and try to learn as much as I can about some of the arcane practices associated with good design. My design blog of choice is Smashing Magazine and they often run posts with free fonts.

Believe me, it makes an impression when you are doing a presentation with fonts that nobody has seen before.

Why LION's are counterproductive to your networking efforts. One of mine, I liked the theme.

Please leave me some feedback on this post, if it provides you with some interesting information then I will try to do so every week.

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