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January 26, 2010

5 social media strategies every B2B marketer needs now!

No not Facebook or Twitter. Should you be on these? Probably. But they are not the essential items a B2B marketer needs to spread ideas and reach new people.

1) LinkedIn. Always on LinkedIn, always about value, always as if you were there in the physical world speaking with them face to face. It is the 24 hour 7 day conference that everybody came to. Don't wste any more time.

Get in, Link in, Stay in. (A bunch of resources here)

2) BudURL. URL shortening program that gives you free access to statistics so you can see how many people visited each link.

I have been testing out Automatic Direct Mails for anybody who follows me on Twitter. (The secret - not about me, about you. Value always wins over shameless self promotion)

Each link is a BudURL which I can then check to see their statistics. Keep what works, throw out what doesn't. Standard stuff. Test, test, test...

3) UStream - The Web 2.0 version of the webinar. If you were ever in any doubt that the webinar is dead for all but the most regressive of companies, this should help you. Live streaming with the capability to interact directly with the audience.

4) Blogs and newsletters - of course. No more to say here.

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