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January 22, 2010

Quotes and sayings from my time online

This is a little self indulgent, but I wanted to try to capture some of the quotes and sayings I have been thinking of over the past couple of years. 

Twitter, blogging and LinkedIn status updates have made us all learn how to be a lot more pithy than previously, and we are in danger of letting some of these great sayings people come up with disappear into the cyber ether.
On trust:
Trust is like a glass vase. It will withstand a few hairline cracks and still hold water. But once broken it can never be rebuilt again.
A relationship built on trust, once broken, is replaced by doubt, validation and dependence.
Trust is hard to gain. But once somebody trusts you they will give you take your advice, give you repeat work, and even defend your mistakes.
Trust is hard to lose. People will work hard to prove they were right to trust you. But once lost the results will be rapid and dramatic.  
Once you lose somebodies trust they will actively work against you. 
If you can create multiple relationships built on trust you have a lever big enough to move the world.
The oal of trust based marketing is to permanently reduce the time between client acknowledgement and action. 
On business:
No great enterprise has ever been created without extraordinary effort. 
If you cannot come to grips with the mechanics of running a business hen maybe the seeds of greatness are not in you. 
One of the problems with Social media is that there are lots of coaches who have never played 
Time Based Billing = Poverty + No time for you  (Or - you will never become a wealthy consultant selling hours only)
The role of the consultant is to create, find and spread leading practices. 
The worst time to get into a new service area is when everyone else is doing so. 

Every time I see homeless people I think - hope my career goes well. 
Winners never quit and quitters never win. But if you never win and never quit - you're an idiot (Norrowed from somewhere, no clue where)
There has been an incredible increase in the number of things I know nothing about. (Borrowed from a toilet wall when I was 23)
Curiosity killed the cat. Fortunately we aren't cats!
 On marketing:

I have never known it to be the targets fault that you missed it. (Zig Ziglar, I have adopted this one)

Leveraging past work is great! But repackaging the same thing to rip money off people who trust you is a con.
All business is personal. Don Corleone was wrong. Anything else is inauthentic. 
Want to be authentic? Do what you love. 
Be the news not the ads. Be the main story in the middle no tthe distraction on the side. (About PR)
Success = Scarcity + Value + Trust
Ideas are like backsides. Everyone has one and thinks every one else's stinks (No idea where I borrowed that from)

Ridicule is the burden of genius - Daffy Duck

Nothing is so commonplace has the wish to be remarkable - Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

I'm sure there are a lo more but I cannot recall them right now. I will update this as I go along. I hope these quotes and sayings were of some value to you at least.

Enjoy your weekend!!

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