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January 23, 2010

Doing one thing exceptionally well...

Being a generalist is good to give you somewhere to hide when specific sectors collapse. But it doesn't inspire awestruck devotion the way being able to play the guitar like this does. (you HAVE to check out that link to YouTube, it will change your view of what the guitar can do)

Tommy Emannuel is a guitar legend. The guy that even the guitar gods of this world speak highly of. Why? because he is a nerd. He lives in his guitar and has played so much his hands look deformed. But god is he good...

I play. Not well, but I can play. I picked it up in high school and just decided that nothing else was going to happen in my life until I taught myself how to play. (Same as how I learned Spanish)

But heres the thing.. I can play that song!! I picked up the beginnings of it from an impromptu lesson he gave on stage here.

Okay... so it doesn't sound quite like Tommy does it... but it still sounds damn good.

Good enough to stop the music at any party I play at, or turn heads in most rooms. I try to stop after it because Stairway to heaven just isn't a great follow up.

This is the benefit of being able to do one thing really, really well. it gets noticed. people sit up and realise that this is how it should be done. 

Whether you are delivering a course, serving wine, playing guitar (another Tommy link) or re-writing code. If you are good at it, really good, stop-still-and-watch-good, people get it. They appreciate it, and they tell others about it.

What is it that you do really, really well? Or what could it be...?

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