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January 5, 2010

Deploying Disruptive Technology

What would upset the apple cart in your industry?

Every industry is being forced to rethink itself on an almost daily basis.

If I were in the Real Estate listing business I would be pretty concerned about Google's real estate search capability. If I were running any job board on the planet I would be terrified of LinkedIn, and it is already too late for stock brokers, travel agents and even many bank tellers.

Once the business model becomes ubiquitous, the business seems ripe for a disruptive technology. ERP is curently fighting a rearguard action against the disruptive technology of SaaS in particular, and Starbucks is fighting a war against disruption on every continent.

There are always many factors in disruptive technologies, companies and products. Nobody even realized that SMS was coming until it had already taken over the world.

But one thing is very, very clear - disruptive technologies reduce friction. Price, accessibility, convenience, location, speed of implementation, ease of use - and who know how many other areas.

When deployed and marketed well, they are total game changers. They start as a decision taken by a few rebels, advance to challenge the status quo, and finally become the obvious choice.

Which disruptive technology should you start to use tomorrow to begin to transform your industry? Where can you reduce friction in a way that will change the rules everyone is playing by.

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