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January 19, 2010

Consulting Cashflow 101

A while ago I published this graphic on the blog. I think its a great illustration of the journey consultants make from time based billing through to maximum discretionary time.

Generating consistent cashflows is the killer for most sole consultants and early stage consulting companies. Over the years I have run a lot of posts on this via this blog and I thought I would try to list some of them together to help those of you stepping out on your own.

The key to generating consulting cash flows is Brand + IP. By generating a brand based on trust, and combining this with different elements of Intellectual property you can leverage your time and generate flows of cash to fuel your lifestyle, and your future consulting plans.

I hope these posts are of use, please do not hesitate to post feedback and highlight the areas where more information is required.

This is no silver bullet of course. No great enterprise ever started without extraordinary effort. But when it is done, it is done.

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