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January 13, 2010

Barriers to consulting success at an all time low

It is far too easy to be carried away by the financial challenges facing the world today. Far too easy. it is far harder to look at the situation and see the cracks of opportunity between the dark clouds of despair.

Today... you can outsource your work to low cost freelancers on, or (Among others) You don't have to do it all yourself. So immediately you have the chance to do more, get paid more, while keeping costs to an extremely low level. can use invoice factoring where possible. There is a lot out there on this and some people come down very hard on it. For me, it is a practical way to use tomorrows earnings to boost todays potential. I love anything that lets me leverage what I will have.

Today... the costs of setting up a small business infrastructure are at an all time low also. here's a link to a Squidoo Lens I created a while ago on free or low cost software available on the internet. Lots of opportunities there. do not need to sponsor any expensive conferences, pay for membership of any exclusive networking group. LinkedIn is like a 24/7 trade show that everybody went to. Use it wisely.

Today...the methods, techniques and strategies to make you a wealthy person are all over the internet. make good use of them!

As I wrote at the beginning, the barriers between you and a successful consulting career are at an all time low.

Success is a choice. You can continue to spend you rtime and energy doing what you are doing for whatever false loyalty, dependency reasons you have. Or you can choose to make something of the remainder of your life. 

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