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January 13, 2010

4 unsexy tips for increasing revenues

When we talk about consulting we invariably get caught up in issues like lead generation, pipeline management, revenue leverage, relationship management and generating momentum.

These are all valid areas of course and all of us need to have considerable skills in these and more!

Bu there re also a range of skills that slip through the cracks. Skills that, when ignored, can cause even the best planned projects and strategies to go wildly off the rails.

Not sexy but essential.

1. Writing concise, well formatted and punchy reports. Most reports are a painful, near death experience. They are second only to (or maybe worse than) poorly delivered power point. 

Start a blog, get onto Twitter or start writing books. Whatever you have to do to train yourself to write in a concise, well structured manner.

2. Get commitment. Nothing is said and done when money is changing hands. Nothing. Get the PO, get the meeting, send the email, then call, then re-confirm. Then do it...

3. Finish it off. Do the last little bit and then do some more. Do not leave loose ends and make sure the client is aware of the extra efforts you have put in. Clients are more likely to look for additional work when they can show real results for what has already been done.

4. Follow up. Please - rule number 1 of consulting, follow up or...go away. The amount of lost revenue that is due to poor or no follow up in our industry is absolutely appalling.

Not sexy stuff, no where near as intellectually stimulating as social media analysis or sales calls, but essential skills for every consultants toolkit.

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