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January 27, 2010

5 must do strategies for B2B marketers on LinkedIn

1) Update your profile to reflect the value you add, not what you do. LinkedIn, or any B2B marketing mechanism, is all about value, value, value. Always value.

With this goes regular updates of your status. But not the salesy stuff. real updates based on where you are, what you are doing, your current thoughts on...

2) Make sure you have real recommendations from people who can speak authoritatively about your work and ethics. These recommendations cannot merely be from anybody. They must be from people who others in your targeted sectors would find trust worthy.

3) Reach out to people who are likely buyers within your field and industries with InMails first.. be humble but do notbe a sycophant. Nobody with real authority needs yet another nodding head around them.

4) Restrict your connections, yes restrict them, to people within your targeted industries. And only those people who are at or near the level where they can sign checks for he amounts you wish to bill.

When you connect with others like this a number of things happen.

  • People tend to connect with their peers, so you get to have a deeper reach within a very specific area. Which is great because it is what you are after.

  • Your update stream turns from a mush about people you don't know doing things you don't care about - to a fine tuned source of unique business intelligence.

5) Join relevant groups. (Another way to ensure your updates stream is relevant and useful) While building a specific network, as well as joining only relevant groups, you get another bonus.

When you search, or used saved searches, you are able to find all sorts of people who are one or two degrees away from you. Enabling you to start your networking efforts there with a courteous InMail.

6) Use Saved Searches to send you emails once a week (say). This is a real game changer. That way you get automatically notified when people who fill your search criteria come within your network through connections by your peers, or because they have just joined LinkedIn.

I hope this is useful, feel free to let me know how these are going for you.

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