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December 26, 2009

Step up or step off

I found myself giving his ultimatum out to one of my consultants the other day.

I never like to get to this point but it was essential that they got a glimpse of the commercial realities of their present levels of performance.

But the real trick here, the one that makes a difference, is the emphasis. And the emphasis throughout our entire conversation was - "How can I help you to Step up?"

It is tempting to eliminate the problem. Sacking someone is emotionally hard, but has a lot less time and effort involved than trying to get them to turn the corner.

But turning them into fee generating assets is far more rewarding, far more profitable, and far more satisfying from the standpoint of a manager.

Due to his efforts in the latter part of the year my consultant will probably generate a mid-6 figure revenue next year.

I'm glad he chose not to step off.

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