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July 2, 2009

Great tools for work offline

With social media marketing I am now connected, often at a personal level, with more people in more places than my father could have ever dreamed of.

This sort of hyper connectedness of course, holds out great promise. promise that we spend a lot of time pursuing online...often at the expense of real possibilities offline.

Instead of relying totally on online order taking systems like Paypal, make sure you have a credit card machine handy in the office or on the road. Easy to forget that people actually have their credit cards with them when you talk to them. And they could probably pay for your course/ book / seminar (whatever) right then and there.

Instead of relying totally on Twitter and email type marketing, try using LinkedIn to make initial contacts, followed up with meetings shortly thereafter. (The higher the better.)

Instead of spending days and nights trying to build your Twitter following, try to build an offline following. It is more resilient, and it translates easily to your work on the web. And in case you missed it - those who enjoy real success on Twitter already have a very strong off-Twitter brand.

Cold calls, visits to clients, follow up meetings, public courses and seminars, speaking at conferences and tradeshows... you name it.

The world isn't all online... it just seems like that.

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