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July 2, 2009

The cream always rises

After 10 years working abroad there has been a lot to get used to when I returned to Australia.

One of the real eye openers has been that so many of the people I used to network with, and work with at times, have done exceptionally well for themselves.

From mid sized businesses, to extremely high level positions, through to influential roles throughout their chosen has been a very welcome surprise.

But...looking back, it doesn't surprise me.

They were always going to do exceedingly well. They were the people who always (ALWAYS) put in a bit extra. The fanatics who weren't really too sure where all this would lead, but they knew it would be somewhere better than if they didn't do it.

Sometimes intense, always driven, and always people with vision, high ethical standards, and who worked hard because they loved it - not because they feared what would happen if they didn't.

Anybody around you "obviously" on their way to achieve something great? Maybe you...?

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