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June 11, 2009

Ways to lose trust...

Put an asterisk next to your pitch line, that'll do it every time.

Ask me to give you my credit card details before I sign up for your free service. (You obviously trust me)

Better yet, don't make me give you my credit card details for the free service, but ask me to do so once I have registered. (Before I can use the free service)

Send me to a long funnel page with lots of text in different colors and sizes, all leading me to the conclusion that this whatever is going to change my life forever...then charge me the low, low price at the end of the page. (Doesn't that just do it for ya?)

Reply to one of my tweets with a recommendation that I check out this related link...which takes me to a page above.

Post a discussion in our LinkedIn group recommending a tool or service you have discovered, which is actually produced by your company. (Inauthentic!!!!)

Send me an auto DM telling me how smart I am. (Do you even know my name?)

Today, everyone is connected to more people than ever before in history. Everyone is acutely aware that old forms of interruption marketing aren't working. And everyone is drifting every so slightly towards a service based economy as the manufacturing, technology and other indsutries fly away to low wage countries.

The combination of technology, desperation and opportunity is gving rise to a whole new level of interruption marketing or spam. 

Don't be tempted.. I have been, and I am glad I resisted... people are far, far too cynical now. Aside from the annoyance factor, the likelihood of it working in a sustainable way is very low. And every day another couple of hundred people discover that they can spam everyone else... so the competition is pretty fierce too.

Build and leverage trust based assets...every time.

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