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June 21, 2009

Tricks of the Mind

I am a big fan of Derren Brown. A "mentalist" performer from the UK. He is always very open stating that there is science behind everything that he does, and in explaining that his tricks and marvels are the result of psychology, science and slight of hand.

So when I found his book Memory: Tricks of the Mind on, I couldn't resist. I am in a state of continual experimentation. With this blog, my newsletters, my sales approach and my consulting. Each experiment is researched, results recorded, and success factors learned quickly.

This has been no different. The book is very straight forward, less than an hour, and holds three really powerful little techniques. I was memorizing stuff within the hour. And I am pretty impressed with it.

So far I have applied this as a party trick, (to much applause) to recall bullet points on a long list from a presentation, and to recall a presentation given by one of my colleagues.

I have't gone to the point of memorizing shopping lists yet... but thats next.

I am not sure how it made me appear...but it was an incredible momentum booster for me to be able to recall points without struggling, I felt as if I had greater mastery over the events.

I am still working out the bumps on this one. Few things to perfect, and then I am going to move into this a little more. I think it is going to be an invaluable skill.

I fully recommend Memory: Tricks of the Mind as a tool for increasing your consulting skills if you are the sort of person who regularly buys and listens to audio books.

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