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June 22, 2009

One bite at a time...

I just read another excellent post from Seth on Dominoes and how this applies to building a brand and building a business. As always it was very short, very concise, and very relevant to what I am doing right now.

And of course he is right. Instead of going out there and taking on the big players in your field, you need to be beavering away at developing a very powerful track record of results. Instead of pitching your Message to steal all of SAP's clients, you need to be working away finding your own niche clients and building good will and word of mouth.

And instead of trying to outdo TechCrunch you want to try to reach the next person who is going to be willing to subscribe to your blog or newsletter.

One bite at a time. Win the work, deliver the work, get a referral, win a bigger portion of work...and so on.

Wise character our Seth...

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