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June 8, 2009

The quest for the remarkable

Nothing is so commonplace has the wish to be remarkable. Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.
This is what drives us away from each other into individual free agent silos instead of huddling together as the masses did during the industrial revolution.

The desire to be remarkable, the desire to stand out and to be truly worth remarking on. But beware...its a trap!

Remarkable can be simple, it doesn't have to be world beating. has truly remarkable customer service. Never let me down, even when I was in the furthest reaches of the world.

Facebook is busy trying to plot and map the worlds relationships... maybe a step too far I think. At least, I'm not too interested in it. Remarkable? Yes. Useful to the person on Main Street? (Where is that place anyway?)

LinkedIn is far less remarkable in terms of functionality, yet it holds the worlds business community to its core. Its remarkableness is in its simplicity, and the user privacy protections it offers.

Twitter is a functionally stripped down micro blogging tool. How many people have remarked to you about it?

Google was remarkable because it was simple, accurate and fast. Not the functionality clutter that Yahoo was thrusting into the marketplace.

Seth Godin is remarkable because he tells us things we already know, or suspect, and does so in a way that creates new imagery and inspiration in a generation of marketers.

In your search to be remarkable, and we are all on that journey whether we recognize it or not, don't get paralyzed with analysis, don't wait and procrastinate while waiting for that earth shattering idea.

Instead, look to what you can do simply that will make others want to remark about you to their colleagues and peers.

I hope that post was at least a bit remarkable ... sure a purple cow would blow my mind... but a really big bull is sometimes worth mentioning as well. ;-)

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