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May 23, 2009

The Error of Permission Based Marketing (And do-it-yourself branding)

As we all look to new media and new forms of marketing there have been some unacceptable casualties on the way. Marketing now has a distinctly do-it-yourself feel to it, and with the technology available today there is little wonder.

Unfortunately most of todays marketers have not had the old Jedi like training that yesterdays Ad-guys had. And I think we are a little worse off for it.

Things like how to generate headlines that really work, the structure of advertising copy, how to write a press releases that captures and holds people attention, and how to pitch ideas to make them interesting and even viral.

This is why we see so many plain Adwords ads, so many very boring email newsletters, exceptionally boring podcasts, and spammed conversations and emails with outdated titles like "FREE FREE FREE".

I am a big supporter of permission based marketing, and I have taken it further with the trust based concept I think. But it is nothing without the fundamental skills to back it up. Call it business development skills if you like...

I would strongly advise you to check out books like "The Wizard of Ads" and other old school advertising type books.

I am not proposing regressing to interruption marketing - but there were some great skills that came out of that era. It would be a shame to throw the baby out with the bathwater.