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May 24, 2009

8 of the highest traffic marketing posts on Consulting Pulse.

Over the past few months I have been posting a lot on marketing and social media in particular. It seemed to draw a lot of attention from many people so I thought I would put all of the high traffic posts together for those of you who have only joined us recently.

They wander through a wide range of areas from Trust Based Marketing to display ads, through to referrals and social media. So hopefully there is something here that can assist you right now.

Elitist Social Media and the value of Display advertising - A look at how display advertising is transforming, and trying to understand where it sits in the pantheon of marketing techniques today.

The Error of Permission Based Marketing (And do-it-yourself branding)  - Do not throw the baby out with the bathwater. While interruption advertising may well be dead, the skills and techniques that the old Jedi's used to use still have their place.

 SEO is a fools errand - A post that set the web alight for a while challenging the idiocy of SEO marketing and pointing out some greater value options instead of this crap shoot.

My Triiibal Experience - A look at one of the tribes I had created several years ago and what it did for me and for the members. Inspired by Seth Godins book to write this one.

Are they hiring you? Or are you giving them access to scarce talent? - Marketing for job hunters. The attitude and a few techniques for you to pitch for work without being a doormat.

The Snowball Effect of Trust Based Marketing - Tips for building the snowball, also links back to another article I wrote on measuring the trust in your client base.

Be the news not the ad s - If you are posting ads on Adwords or banner ads, then you are a distraction. But if you are the news then you are being fed straight into peoples brains.

Maximizing the trust value from your LinkedIn recommendations - A few pointers on how to set up your recommendations in LinkedIn for maximum impact. Remembering that these are trust based assets, and they are in public.

I hope these are of interest to you. I have definitely enjoyed writing them and I hope that you are able to get some value and/or inspiration from them.

Good luck in your marketing endeavors.