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April 22, 2009

Tell us what you really think...

A tongue in cheek look at some of the more common double talk in business...

They say "be open minded" They mean "Do as your told"

They say "Your not fulfilling your potential" They mean "I can't believe your this useless"

They say "I'll look into it" They mean "Don't bug me"

They say "be open minded" They mean "Do as your told"

They say "I don't have the budget" They mean "If we want it we'll find the cash"

They say "You're arrogant" They mean "You don't agree with me"

They say "You should be more of a team player" They mean "Do it my way"

They say "It'll never work" They mean "Please don't make any changes"

Just passing the time... add to it if you can think of anything.