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April 23, 2009

Just for the record

I have been consulting since I was 22 years old. I am forty now. Thats less than some but more than most.

But the quality of that 17 years is what matters, not the time period itself. Just as the quality of the experiences you have had in the last (say) 5 years are more important than the fact that you have been consulting for 5 years only.

I entered my first boardroom at 23 to advise them on optimizing their workforce. Let me tell you - you do not get much respect from industry leaders when you are 23 years old.

So I learned. I learned pretty fast, and from a young age.

I have built and sold two companies.(A marketing firm and a resume writing service) But I have also built two companies that went out of business. One engineering firm in Mexico due to security reasons, and one engineering firm in Australia due to incredible naivety.

Today I have worked in over 35 countries. I have written three books on engineering, and I speak regularly all over the world on engineering subjects.

My blog is a leading consulting blog, competing with big money and big name blogs, and I have built a relatively loyal newsletter subscription base of around 1000 people in 6 months.

I generally sell around 2 - 3 million in services only each year. The leaders of national institutions in the UK, Canada and Australia rely on my as a trusted advisor, and I run a paid mentoring network of about 130 people globally. Aside from my job I generate about $400,000 in revenues through other consulting activities.

Almost all of my work comes from repeat business, and I regularly generate 7 figure benefits for my clients. (Regularly...)

I am presently employed as the manager of a national consultancy firm in Australia. We have gone from 0 to significant revenues in 3 months. (Not to mention flow on effects that are approaching 7 figures now)

Have a look at my LinkedIn profile if you want some further clarification of the understanding I have of the consulting industry and the value I can help to bring to your career.

That's why I write this blog. Because there are people who can benefit from my insights into marketing, consulting, selling professional services, writing, and generating passive revenue streams.

There are also people who are very interested in learning how to travel the world on other peoples money, and do so while creating a powerful brand for yourself and delivering value to your employers.

And there are many many consultants who deserve to earn far more than they are earning, and I want to help them do that.

Thats my consulting-only track record. I hope that clarifies things a little further.