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March 27, 2009

When can I submit a quote?

I am running at about 80% right now. That means that 80% of the quotes I submit go through to orders for work.

Hard work. I could be a lot worse but I don't just quote on anything. Quotes need to be personal and relevant, so they take time.

it is tempting to sling in a quote at the first sniff of an opportunity. But I prefer to look for the following signals.

1. The money definitely exists, and they are definitely interested in spending it on this work.

2. The person who will receive your quote is the person who will sign the check.

3. They have a full understanding and appreciation of the value of the work.

4. It is not an auction. This is vital. Quoting on work where there are already a number of people in the game is hazardous to your utilization rates. Companies that set up situations like this are not after value, and often don't really understand it. They are trying to commoditize consultancy services. Stay away from these.

When these four things line up then your chance of striking is very high. When anyone of these is not in alignment, your chances diminish significantly.