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March 22, 2009

A webinar on LinkedIn for consultants

In my spare time, (a rare commodity), I am working up a webinar on how consultants can use LinkedIn to generate revenues, establish high level contacts, and to reinforce and extend their personal brand.

In the past two months LinkedIn alone, has helped me to generate around $300k in revenues. I have been able to meet two EVP's of target companies in my area as well as one of my nations most prolific entrepreneurs.

Not only that but my continual use of the site has allowed me to grow the presence of this blog, create an opt-in newsletter subscription of around 3,000 - and I have been able to leverage the recommendations on my profile to establish commercial relationships quicker.

I intend to run the webinar in about three weeks. I am using so I can only take 20 respondents -   there is no charge so if you are interested drop me an email  and I will send you an invite.

Just a quick note - there are only 20 spaces. So if you say you want to be a part of it then show up! Other wise I could have given the place to somebody else who would be interested.