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March 20, 2009

Slaying Giants using new technology

In the bible the giant Goliath was defeated by David by his use of the available technology. Thats a bit of a modern way of looking at it I suppose, but relevant to consultants.

Today there are no end of technological tools around to help us slay the Goliath in our industry sectors. Amazon destroyed the all powerful book selling and publishing industry, and is continuing to reshape it to their own needs. Google has all but obliterated the mediarati and continues to redefine how society use and interact with advertising in the modern age.

The list goes on and on, but the latest to come on my radar is PSPrint. This is a really cool company for consultants.

Printing  is one of those areas that really sets you aside from others in the consulting field. professional brochures, business cards, stickers, logos and poster printing  - the list goes on.

In fact printing is an integral part of your marketing in the consulting game. And you have two options. You can do it yourself, or you can try out a professional print shop.

The problem is that the first option screams amateur, and the second option just makes you scream with the expense of it all.

Enter PSPrint - an online company that doesn't need to carry the overheads associated with a physical print shop. Not only that but they seem to be pretty proficient in using the web (they have a blog) so their clients can come from anywhere. Not just the local businesses.

This is another brilliant way that small firms have been able to enter and transform an industry segment. Their low overheads and broad service area means they can price low - very low. meaning you get what you want, at the quality you should expect, at a far reduced price.

Who are they targeting? Well - there are Goliaths in the printing game. But more than anything else their approach allows for a level of consolidation - replacing expensive physical shops with the new online a cost effective version.

A brilliant idea, an excellent and needed service, and a great little company.