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February 1, 2009

The BSC and redefining corporate directions

We talk here a lot about general consulting issues, but every now and then it is good to dip down into one of the methodologies that we use commonly.

I, for example, am almost fanatical about business intelligence systems, their use, and their ability to deliver rapid value to any client.

As an author of a book on the balanced scorecard and its integration into Asset intensive industries, it would be remiss of me to leave that vital theme out.

I think that today the value of the BSC is greater than at any time in the past. Why? Because there is nothing like a crisis to force organizations into rethinking their near and long term strategic planning. And in case you missed it - we are in a crisis.

Goals become sharper and more tangible, strategies become more precise and focused, and measurable outcomes start to be expected in a far shorter space of time.

However, since I wrote my own book on this subject the landscape has changed dramatically. There used to be just a few software solutions out there claiming to handle BSC type solutions, today they are legion. SOme using the old SAP style architecture, others embracing SaaS models.

I recently stumbled across a report that lines up 15 products so you can compare balanced scorecard solutions. It cost me around $50 but it was worth the price I thought. Good bite sized information that I could use to help clients compare dashboard software. An independent report such as this helps reduce searching time, testing and researching for decision making.

The real benefit, I thought was in being able to judge which products offered actual BSC functionality, and which were merely KPI solutions. (Lets face it, some clients are not ready for a full blown BSC approach)

Good read, I hope it is of some interest.