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February 2, 2009

Be careful what you wish for

In the last two weeks I have lost about 5 clients. One was retrenched, the other four were working for a company that (very suddenly) went out of business.

And that's it now. Kaput.

You could argue that the guys working for the company that went bust, but that would be a bit harsh I think. The economic crisis has been so immense and so fast that most of us are still trying to catch our breath and work out what has happened, let alone trying to fathom what it all means to us.

But the guy who got retrenched...well I am less likely to be generous there. He was a nice guy, very smart and very dedicated. He was driven more than most people - but he was a bit of a political animal.

He was very good st staying in the shadows, staying out of the spotlight.

In fact - his whole approach was one of trying not to be noticed.

And he succeeded. When the time came to look around for who was adding value he had been so unnoticeable that all of the good work he did was not recognized and out he went.

Be careful what you wish for...