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January 19, 2009

Time isn't a resource, its a priority

I read this over on Alan Weiss' blog Contrarian Consulting . (Great blog, check it out) As with most pearls of wisdom Alan leaves us it is insightfully true, and it really stuck with me.

As Jack Welch says in his book Winning, you simply cannot have it all. Nobody can. Something has to be sacrificed, something needs to give way to something else. Time is finite, and you cannot do all the things you wish to.

At present I am settling in to a new country, writing two books, launching a national consulting firm, working on two local advertising projects - oh yeah - and trying to raise a family also.

I can't do it all, so I don't try. It is about priorities. My kids will be this age only once. I leave work before 5 and sit with them until they crash out at about 8pm. I sit with my wife for a while until she too goes to bed, then I start again.

Those are my priorities. My family comes first. So the books slow down, the consultancy will launch a little slower, and the advertising projects may take a few months instead of a few weeks.

Time is not a resource, it's a priority. You spend time on the things that have the highest priority to you right now. Doesn't that give you a different perspective on the activities you spend your time on each day....