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January 19, 2009

The secret to achieving goals

Winning starts with the decision to do whatever it takes.

I learned the guitar through deciding, beyond a shadow of doubt, that I would master that block of wood.

I decided, partly out of necessity, that I would not speak any words of English until I could converse in Spanish. Within 6 - 7 weeks I was speaking almost fluently.

When I was stranded in Chile, with no job, no money and no visa - I did what it took to get myself into a new role, a good flat and a new career. It took a week.

Once you decide, really decide, that this is what is going to happen and there is nothing else for it - then things begin to materialize.

Not wishful thinking, not the power of positive thought - but taking a decision, following it with massive action, and not wavering until you have achieved the goal you set out to achieve. Single mindedness at its best.